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The Ruddle Solution is a new intracanal irrigant which has been formulated to provide a breakthrough in clinical endodontic treatment and retreatment. This irrigant is a "cocktail" containing 5% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), Hypaque and 17% EDTA. Hypaque is a water soluble, radiopaque, contrast solution which can be utilized to visualize root canal system anatomy, monitor the remaining wall thickness during preparation procedures, detect pathological defects and manage iatrogenic mishaps. The composition of the Ruddle Solution simultaneously provides the "solvent action" of full-strength NaOCl, "visualization" as it is nearly as radiopaque as gutta percha, and improved "penetration" as the tensioactive agent lowers surface tension.

Clinically, the Ruddle Solution is passively injected into the root canal system once sufficient access has been made. The sodium hypochlorite portion of the composition will digest the pulp and eliminate the bacteria and related irritants which are harbored within the root canal system. The solvent action of this solution progressively clears out the contents of the root canal system thus enabling the iodine portion of the composition to flow into the vacated space.

Product Features

  • Useful for "visualizing pathological events" such as decay, certain fractures, missed canals and leaking restorations
  • Assists the diagnostician in managing internal resorption because the solution will map its location, size and extent
  • Shows promise in endodontic nonsurgical retreatment for improving diagnostics, treatment planning, and management of "iatrogenic events"
  • Following disassembly procedures, helps clinicians visualize canals that may have been previously blocked, ledged, transported or perforated
  • Visualization assists dentists in determining the best course of action and in deciding whether to salvage or extract a tooth