Important Program Update
Since 1983, Dr. Ruddle has offered hands-on participation courses in Santa Barbara, which provided an opportunity for clinical mastery, breakthrough training, and peak personal achievement. The below link offers an overall program update and information concerning future directions.
This on-the-road lecture, live demonstration and hands-on workshop program will help you produce superior endodontic results. Presentations include 3-D Shape•Clean•Pack or Nonsurgical Retreatment. Newest and best techniques are identified and powerfully shown utilizing DVD technology. Available at certain locations, the hands-on workshops afford a unique learning experience.
Identify exactly when, what and how much you want to learn. Dr. Cliff Ruddle will then design an individualized program, just for you, or a small group of your favorite colleagues, to uniquely meet your specific needs. ONE-ON-ONE training accelerates peak personal performance and is conducted in a state-of-the-art simulation laboratory in Cliff's private office in Santa Barbara.