Ruddle on Shape•Clean•Pack DVD
A comprehensive DVD covering all aspects of shaping canals and three-dimensionally cleaning & filling root canal systems. Procedures shown using 3D graphics and animations, extracted teeth and operatory patients.
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Ruddle on Retreatment DVD Series
This 4-part DVD series powerfully demonstrates nonsurgical retreatment techniques you can utilize to resolve frequently encountered endodontic problems. DVD's also sold separately.
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Clinical Products / Armamentarium
These instruments, devices and/or tools represent products designed and developed by Dr. Ruddle and fellow colleagues. Implement this armamentarium into your clinical practice today! Visit our Inventions webpage for related buying options and distributor information.

Just-In-Time® Online Education
Bringing you the most recent advances in endodontic treatment, Just-In-Time® Online Education is intended to meet your immediate clinical needs just in time for your next scheduled endodontic procedure. Watch online technical videos, listen to Ruddle audio blogs, and/or download relevant PDFs.