Advanced Endodontics

Important Posting 2023


Through the years, Advaned Endodontics has proudly offered various courses, branded under such names as Santa Barbara Hands-On Seminars, Ruddle on the Road, Ruddle with the Residents and ONE-ON-ONE with Cliff Ruddle. It has been a fabulous experience providing these programs and having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. We are honored by the number of international doctors who came to us for training!

Now, continued training with Cliff Ruddle takes on a new dimension! Beginning 2023, all training will be run through our Online Education and Just-In-Time® educational platforms, along with "THE RUDDLE SHOW" program. Note THE RUDDLE SHOW is our weekly broadcast covering a variety of topics, including all aspects of endodontic treatment, recent innovations, and newest techniques. It is through these offerings that we strive to advance your endodontic education! If you are still seeking "hands-on" endodontic training, Dr. Ruddle recommends the Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy (IDEA), located in Northern California.

We wish you great success in all you do or dream you can!