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Out of every 100 cases you treat endodontically, what is your percent of failure attributable to vertical root fractures?
  • 35% 0-5%
  • 26% 6-10%
  • 17% 16-20%
  • 13% >20%
  • 9% 11-15%

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What does Cliff think?

"Carrier-Based Obturation" Article

"...The intention of this article is to inspire clinicians to use a heat-softened, hydraulically effective, and easy-to-learn obturation method. GuttaCore holds the promise to generate 'thrill-of-the-fill' experiences..."

"Broken Instrument" Article

"...Every clinician who has performed endodontics has experienced a variety of emotions ranging from the thrill-of-the-fill to an upset like the procedural accident of breaking an instrument..."

"Endodontics 101" Article

"...Much has changed in global endodontics over the past 40 years and a great deal of this change has been driven by the relentless introduction of new technology..."

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