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Out of every 100 cases you treat endodontically, what is your percent of failure attributable to vertical root fractures?
  • 43% 6-10%
  • 29% 0-5%
  • 14% 11-15%
  • 14% 16-20%
  • 0% >20%

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What does Cliff think?

"Endodontic Controversies" Article

"...Beyond the extent of tooth structure removal is the controversy related to the deceptive marketing hype associated with specific shaping files..."

"Endodontic Disinfection" Article

"...Using best technologies, active irrigation serves to initiate fluid hydrodynamics, resulting in shear wall forces that wipe surfaces clean..."

Asian Lecture Tour 2017

Phyllis and I are home safe and sound after flying 40+ hours, traveling across 25,000 miles, and experiencing a 15-hour total time difference. Here's a glimpse of our recently concluded lecture/workshop tour through Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Delhi.

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