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The convenient, "all-in-one" Endo Access Kit provides an economy of burs to initiate, progressively expand, and completely finish any access preparation.

Gold Glider is a single-file, single-use glide path file that uses the exact same unequal bidirectional CW/CCW angles as WaveOne Gold shaping files. With Gold-wire metallurgy, increasing tapers from 2% to over 6% along its active portion, and diameters of 0.15 mm at D0 and 0.85 mm at D16, pre-shaping canals has never been safer, faster or easier.

A set of specially designed instruments providing a strategic advancement in endodontic access procedures. Easier, safer, and faster refinement can be achieved utilizing this superb ultrasonic technology.

ProGlider represents a collaborated effort from Drs. Elio Berutti, Giuseppe Cantatore, Arnaldo Castellucci, Pierre Machtou, Cliff Ruddle and John West, along with the Dentsply Maillefer engineers. The ProGlider mechanical glide path file is the next step in glide path management!

The Calamus Dual 3D Obturation System represented a collaborative effort from Drs. Pierre Machtou, Cliff Ruddle and John West. The system combines a "Pack" handpiece for downpacking with a "Flow" handpiece for backpacking.

A simplified, state-of-the-art system designed to remove a variety of post types anchored by materials ranging from cements to bonding agents.

This system is a breakthrough endodontic device designed to mechanically engage and remove many intracanal obstructions.

Rotary tapered microbrushes may be used with various irrigants to optimally finish a root canal preparation following shaping procedures.

This solution has been patented, has undergone in vivo clinical trials, and is now awaiting FDA approval. The endogram will greatly enhance endodontic diagnostics.

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"...Predictably successful endodontics is predicated on eliminating the contents of the root canal system, like the extraction. With this in mind, a few technologies have emerged in the past decade..."

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“The Ruddle Show” is here! We are excited to announce this newest offering from Dr. Cliff Ruddle and his team at Advanced Endodontics.

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Dr. Ruddle and his wife, Phyllis, recently returned from a 3-city lecture tour through Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, China. Their trip began in Baveno, Italy, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, as part of the Dentsply Sirona Opinion Leader Forum. Then they flew east to Beijing and began their tour!

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