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ProTaper was launched in 2001, evolved to ProTaper Universal (PTU) in 2006, and then progressed to the industry recognized ProTaper Gold (PTG) in 2014… That’s the good news, and the better news is the legacy continues with ProTaper ULTIMATE! Each iteration brought technological advancements, new designs and ever-improving performance in any given era. ProTaper is renowned for its ability to exquisitely prepare both anatomically complex and straightforward canals, while offering a simple workflow.

The ProTaper brand, including ProTaper Ultimate, is the only mechanical shaping system in the world that provides dedicated Shaping and Finishing files. Advantageously, the Shapers dominantly prepare the coronal two-thirds of a canal, whereas the Finishers serve to increase the terminal diameter and apical one-third taper of a canal without needlessly further enlarging the body of the same canal. Deep shape serves to shorten the length of lateral canals and allows a greater volume of fluid to dynamically exchange into both the instrumentable and non-instrumentable aspects of the root canal system. Importantly, deep shape serves to contain the irrigant to the radicular space so as to discourage NaOCl accidents. Further, deep shape serves to control and confine thermosoftened filling materials within the root canal system during obturation.

ProTaper ULTIMATE - What's New?

  • Advanced MIE Concept
  • Simplified & Safer Technique
  • Treats a Wider Range of Anatomy
  • Innovative, File-Specific Heat Treatment
  • Rotary File FIRST Concept to Secure Canal

NOTE: To maximize safety and performance, the ProTaper Ultimate system utilizes file specific heat treatment technology based on the diameters, variable tapers, and cross-sections. Heat treatment is designed to significantly improve flexibility, increase the resistance to cyclic fatigue, and optimize performance. The Ultimate system features M-wire, Gold-wire and Blue-wire

There are five (5) ProTaper ULTIMATE files that represent the “CORE FILES”, or the most frequently used files within the system. The core files include a SLIDER to negotiate, catheterize, and secure the majority of canals, a SHAPER utilized to optimally prepare the coronal and middle one-thirds of a canal, and three (3) differently-sized FINISHERS, termed F1, F2, and F3. Additionally, there are three (3) auxiliary files; namely, the Auxiliary Shaping file (SX), an Auxiliary Finishing file (FX), and a large Auxiliary Finishing file (FXL).

All Ultimate files are available in 21, 25, and 31mm lengths and in both mechanical and manual versions. Note the three (3) non-colored identification rings on each Ultimate file handle are to distinguish the Ultimate system from the PTG system.