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"Endodontic Controversies" Article
by Advanced Endodontics
January 23rd, 2018
"...Beyond the extent of tooth structure removal is the controversy related to the deceptive marketing hype associated with specific shaping files..."
"Locating Canals" Article
by Advanced Endodontics
March 20th, 2017
"...Predictable endodontic treatment begins with an effective access preparation that enables locating any given orifice, which in turn, promotes negotiating, securing, and shaping the canal..."
How to Find the MB2
by Clifford J. Ruddle DDS - Advanced Endodontics
July 11th, 2013
Well, you guys and gals out there are at it again. You’re trying to get better. I can tell by your questions. You can always tell the conscientious dentist because they always want to know how to find that MB2...