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"Endodontic Disinfection" Article

August 28th, 2017 By Advanced Endodontics

"...Using best technologies, active irrigation serves to initiate fluid hydrodynamics, resulting in shear wall forces that wipe surfaces clean. There is increasing evidence to support that fluid activation, in both minimally or more fully shaped canals, plays a strategic role in exchanging irrigant, which in turn, serves to disinfect into all aspects of the root canal system..."

Endodontic Disinfection
The Sonic Advantage
Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS
Dentistry Today
June 2017

This article release by Dr. Ruddle emphasizes the importance of active irrigation, while providing additional insight as to the advantages of sonic technology (EndoActivator) over ultrasonic technology for 3D disinfection. Download and read the related PDF on your path toward complete and more predictably successful treatment!