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"GentleWave" Article

June 1st, 2020 By Advanced Endodontics

"...Predictably successful endodontics is predicated on eliminating the contents of the root canal system, like the extraction. With this in mind, a few technologies have emerged in the past decade that allow clinicians to significantly improve cleaning and disinfection potential. These technologies range from lower-cost sonic, ultrasonic, and vacuum devices to higher-cost technologies, such as laser- and multisonic-activated irrigation methods. Recently, Sonendo commercially launched the multisonic disinfection technology, termed GentleWave. This technology has become disruptive and polarizing in the endodontic marketplace due to both unintended consequences related to its clinical use and Sonendo’s marketing approach and claims...."

Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS
Advanced Endodontics
January 2020

In this article release, Dr. Ruddle shares his candid opinions on the GentleWave 3D disinfection technology and its associated controversies. Download and read the related PDF to find out more on this newest offering and whether or not its worth the investment!