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"Broken Instrument" Article

April 8th, 2019 By Advanced Endodontics

"...Every clinician who has performed endodontics has experienced a variety of emotions ranging from the thrill-of-the-fill to an upset like the procedural accident of breaking an instrument..."

Broken Instrument Removal
The Endodontic Challenge
Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS
Dentistry Today
September 2018

This article release by Dr. Ruddle emphasizes the importance of coronal and radicular access, describes ultrasonic and adjunctive removal techniques, and reveals three novel emerging methods that improve safety, efficiency, and simplicity when removing intracanal obstructions.  Of course, the best antidote for a broken file is prevention.  Yet, when this procedural accident occurs, it is reassuring to know that removal procedures can generally be executed to solve this problem.  Download and read the related PDF to tackle this "endodontic challenge"!