Ruddle on Retreatment #3

Nonsurgical Removal of Posts & Broken Instruments

Part 3 of the 4-part "Ruddle on Retreatment" DVD series is now available at a reduced price for immediate online viewing.

This online version (also available in a hardcopy DVD format for a premium price) powerfully demonstrates Nonsurgical Retreatment techniques you can utilize to resolve frequently encountered endodontic problems.  ORDER NOW so you may immediately begin watching!

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Nonsurgical Removal of:
Posts & Broken Instruments
Nonsurgical Removal of: Posts and Broken Instruments
  • Quickly and safely remove the commonly placed core materials
  • Successfully eliminate various post types with ease
  • Effectively retrieve instruments separated deep within the root canal space
  • Powerfully view ultrasonics and the post & instrument removal systems in action
PRICE: $85.00