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"Carrier-Based Obturation" Article

April 9th, 2019 By Advanced Endodontics

"...The intention of this article is to inspire clinicians to use a heat-softened, hydraulically effective, and easy-to-learn obturation method. GuttaCore holds the promise to generate 'thrill-of-the-fill' experiences..."

Carrier-Based Obturation with GuttaCore
Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS
Dentistry Today
March 2019

This article release by Dr. Ruddle describes a carrier-based obturation method to fill root canal systems utilitzing GuttaCore. If your current obturation method is to insert a cold gutta percha master cone into a sea of cement, then you are the perfect candidate to switch techniques and, in the same manner, insert a single thermosoftened GuttaCore obturator to the working length, and in 7-8 seconds. Download and read the related PDF to discover how "filling root canal systems" with GuttaCore can be simple, fast and fun!